Home or Land…We May Be Interested

Zander Homes is always seeking existing homes or vacant lots available for purchase for new construction in and around Baltimore.

Are you thinking about selling your property for the value of the land it occupies? We may be the solution! Our team can simplify the process for you. Below are some benefits of selling your property for new construction to Zander Homes.

  • No Home Inspections: When we buy your existing home to build for new construction, you will not need to invest in the repair of any issues or problems with the home.
  • Competitive Prices for a Quick Home Sale: We offer very competitive prices and terms that can help move your sale forward very quickly.

  • Simplified Process: By eliminating emotional buyers from the equation, we can streamline and simplify the sale of your existing home. Frequently, there may be many family emotions involved in the sale of an older home in need of repairs. Selling your home to us for the purpose of new construction can eliminate these issues and allow your sale to move forward smoothly.


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